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Ecommerce 2022 Trends To Watch

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As we get off to a new year the ecommerce 2022 trends to watch oddly looks a good deal like the 2021 ecommerce trends. As we are seeing a spike now in Covid across the world, the ecommerce 2022 trends will closely match where we were last year at this time if not an even harder lean in on ecommerce. If we step back a year, there was a lot of hope of a return to normal with the vaccines around the corner and with that most thought that the return to what retail there was will happen. The reality is that 2022 is looking to lean in heavier on ecommerce as Covid is causing the extended ecommerce dependencies.

With the outlook looking a good deal of online and virtual and less in person, the main ecommerce 2022 trends to watch for will include a continued expansion of more brick-and-mortar stores finding themselves launching a website with ecommerce offerings. The reinvention of how non profits fundraise and normal day to day sales will continue. You will see the continued growth in the major marketplaces like Amazon as more and more buyers head to the dominate marketplace for all of their purchases. Smaller niche marketplaces will continue to pop up to make a space for smaller demand but with high vocal followers. Social selling will continue to expand as well as the major social tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter try to find ways to tap into the revenue tied to ecommerce within their own platforms.

While the concepts of Virtual Reality are starting to pick up it is hard to see that playing a real role in 2022 as it will take to master the technology and gain in adoption. You will see major shake ups in the fulfillment space as now buyers expect delivery of any purchase within only a few days at most. With such an expectation, how products are warehoused and shipped will need improvement across the board from small brands to major marketplaces to continue to keep up with the high expectations that customers now expect.

The last constant to call out in ecommerce 2022 trends to watch will be continued impact of restocking and delays in product caused by supply chain disruption. From the manufacturing to delivery, there are a number of problems that are impacted and escalated by the current Covid situation that will take a while to resolve. This will cause prices to increase in high demand areas.

The main take away for the ecommerce 2022 trends to watch is that unlike what was expected in 2021 where a return to normal would mean that folks can take the foot off of the ecommerce gas for a little while, the reality is that ecommerce will continue to expand and blow up this year as more sellers find it impossible to continue in business without an online presence. This will cause an even higher level of competition in marketplaces, search engines while bidding on keywords and brands to stand out.

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