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3 Tips to improve your ecommerce SEO

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An ecommerce website only grows if the designer really gets to work on their ecommerce SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is critical to taking your website and making the important changes to your site to make it rank in search results. Without proper ecommerce SEO your website will not organically rank in the top page results. As a result, you will need to learn on paid per click advertising to drive traffic. When it comes to search, always remember organic traffic is the best.

So how can you get more organic traffic to your website? Here are 3 tips to improve your ecommerce SEO:

  1. You need an SSL on your website. If your website is only HTTP and is not HTTPS this means you do not have an SSL on your website. You will want to get this added as an extra security layer for your website but also because Google will give your website a bump. A secure site, gets a better overall SEO score than unsecure.
  2. Speed matters. Your overall website speed can impact you more than you know. Not only will it result in a high bounce rate of your incoming customers but Google dings you for that as well. Have you ever experienced trying to buy something on a slow site? Did you finish the purchase? Ensure you are using a good website hosting company and that your website design is optimized for speed.
  3. Get backlinks. Backlinks has always been and will likely always be a major part of good ecommerce SEO. The more quality sites that link to your site increases your website ranking in Google. As a result, spend the time to get your backlinks. Write guest posts, get involved in forums or directories that will get you a good backlink.

At the end of the day, a great ecommerce website will never get a sale unless it gets traffic. Ecommerce SEO is the critical knowledge you need to apply to your website to gain organic traffic which is the cheapest and hardest to earn. Social, PPC and other forms of traffic will require investments of money and time to maintain while organic traffic is labor intensive but not cost.

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