Top 5 Shipping Tools for Ecommerce

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Shipping Tools for ecommerce allows online sellers to easily sell on multiple locations online but streamline their fulfillment process by easily integrating both their online sales channels as well as their carriers such as USPS or FedEx into a single experience. The Shipping Tools for ecommerce then allows you to work from one location with typically the added benefit of getting discounted rates on the shipping labels you are generating. Shipping Tools for ecommerce typically pay for themselves each month based on the time savings they provide, the discounted rates and one stop shop for order management you get out of the usage. So with that, lets review the top 5 shipping tools for ecommerce you should consider even if you are just getting started to make your life easier.

Top 5 Shipping Tools For Ecommerce

ShipStation – ShipStation is one of the most known shipping solutions that are available with low price points, great discounted rates and very easy to use interface, ecommerce sellers just getting started will be able to get up and running within ShipStation in a short period of time. Of the Shipping Tools for ecommerce available, Shipstation has one of the largest number of available integrations when it comes to online sales channels including marketplaces and shopping carts making it a great option typically regardless of where you have decided to sell online. ShipStation also comes with a low entry price point so you can start to use the platform even when you are only getting low order sales but can still afford the platform as you scale.

ShippingEasy – ShippingEasy like ShipStation are very popular shipping tools for ecommerce that were acquired by over the last few years as Stamps tries to increase their ecommerce label generation foothold. ShippingEasy as a result has been well funded and has continued to expand its features and platform to stay competitive in the shipping tools space. They have expanded into other areas for features which are not as strong such as inventory management which was below market standards but their core value of shipping is still near the top of the space and a great option for any online seller who needs an easy way to integrate their sales channels and start to ship out.

EasyShip – EasyShip offers an easy to use interface with a wide range of integrations for online sellers to pick, pack and ship their orders. Like ShipStation and ShippingEasy, EasyShip offers deep discounted shipping and as a result most online sellers who use EasyShip tend to breakeven on their subscription costs based on the savings from the label generation. The largest con for EasyShip would be that it tends to be focused on the US customer market segment so is a little weaker internationally. However within the United States, it is a solid option at a competitive price point for online sellers to get started.

Ordoro – Ordoro focusing on providing shipping solutions for mid to large size retailers and provides an easy to use interface with the core capabilities including inventory management to be effective in this space. The largest drawback on Ordoro is the price points where it prices itself out of the small to mid sized market and focuses on the larger enterprise customer base. As a result, they are typically not a great option for newer online sellers but instead more established companies who are looking for a shipping tool for ecommerce and an easier way to ship.

OrderCup – OrderCup is a very affordable shipping tools for ecommerce that allows new online sellers to jump in and get started. OrderCup contains a wide range of features that allows users to quickly configure their order workflow to automate shipping and generate labels as quick as they can. The largest drawback with OrderCup is that while it is easy to use, it is not quite at the same level as ShipStation when it comes to feature depth or the number of integrations they offer. Additionally, you do need to pay extra for premium customer support which for the micro or small business can be a deal breaker.

Overall there are a number of really good shipping tools for ecommerce that when you look at them you should be able to easily justify paying the subscription because the savings you will get on the discounted shipping plus the time savings pays for itself. If you do find a shipping tool where that business case is not true, move on and keep looking since there are so many out there, you should not settle until you can make that case.