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SEO Tips for your Ecommerce Website

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What most sellers forget to realize when they make the jump to creating an online store is that creating website is the easy part. In fact the hardest part of ecommerce in general is being found. To get found, you need to learn way more than how to get and sell products. You need to become a digital marketing expert and really deeply understand SEO and how to use it to grow your business. Within this we try to review SEO tips for your ecommerce website to help get you your first sale.

As a new website owner, you may be wondering why your sales are still sitting at zero. If this is the metric you are looking at, you are looking at the wrong thing. What you should be looking at is your website traffic data. How much traffic do you have to your website? Is that traffic volume growing each month? Where is your traffic coming from? Organic search, social or paid? Learning how you generate traffic and how to get more traffic is critical. For this, we will assume you are using organic traffic to grow your business.

SEO Tips for your ecommerce website

  1. Define Keywords – What you name your products, how you describe them and what content you add to your site matters. You need to research what your target audience is searching for and ensure you are using the same terminology and descriptions within your website so that you rank for your keywords.
  2. Website Structure – There are a number of things that matters when it comes to SEO Tips for your ecommerce website. Technical SEO can include that your URL for your product pages is structured correctly and using your keywords in the slug. Speed matters as well so ensuring your images are the right type to load quickly and that you are using a host that is able to handle your traffic.
  3. Broken Links: An easy killer is broken links which happens over time where you had a product for sale and then discontinued the product so you unpublished it. Unfortunately maybe you had a blog post that linked to that page that you now unpublished. This creates a broken link and hurts your SEO. You should check for broken links and instead of unpublishing products, make them out of stock.
  4. Unique Descriptions: One common mistake ecommerce sellers make is using the same description on different sales channels if they sell on marketplaces or using a suppliers description for their product. Keep in mind, you are not the only person selling the same product. If you are using the manufacturer description chances are, so are many others. Google does not like duplicate content. You should take the time to create unique website content for all of your products.

SEO Tips for your ecommerce website will help you grow your business in the long run more than any marketing you can do. Why? Because without proper SEO on your website, no one will find your website to convert on your marketing. You need to spend the time to drive traffic to make a sale and unfortunately driving traffic takes a long time. Longer than you think it should so you need to do the work and be patient because in the long run it will pay off.

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