Getting Started With Ecommerce

Why every business should get into ecommerce

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You may not realize it but there is room for every type of business to get into ecommerce. Often when we think about ecommerce we think about online sellers who have physical goods and selling them from their website or marketplace. The reality there is a much larger world of ecommerce and a wide range of ways for any business to move into this space without renting warehouse room to store products for sale.

Before I go further, it will make sense to stop and let’s define what ecommerce means. At the high level of definition what you will find is:

commercial transactions conducted electronically on the internet

With this statement it creates a wide space for most businesses to launch into ecommerce. Let’s take a few specific examples. If you are a physical trainer who offers one on one or class sessions you may hang out at local gyms to try and stir up business. What would work as well, is setting up a new website about your business, add into that a bookings or scheduling service feature and use that to drive business by selling your service over your website to make it easier to be found and get business. This goes for yoga instructors, hair salons, nail salons, and so forth. If you offer a service of any kind, then you can also launch a website to make it easier to book your service and sell that to a wider audience.

Maybe you don’t sell a service but instead you are an influencer of some niche. You could be a fashion blogger, healthy living know it all or want to save the earth one tree at a time. Whatever it is, you have a voice or trying to create a voice where you are getting traffic to your site to read your writings. Great, you have already done the hard work of getting brand awareness you know just need to monetize that. Think about swag, think about using a service which can print on demand, think about products that align with what your voice is influencing and add them to your site for sale. Work out relationships with businesses to convert your traffic to dollars.

The concept of ecommerce is as wide to allow almost any type of direct to consumer space to be able to make more money by having an online presence. Are you a realtor? Add a website with your MLS listings so you can drive more buyers into your funnel or help home buyers check your inventory. Are you a landscaper? Word of mouth is a great way to grow but a website focused on local traffic works even better especially when you can book appointments and take payment from your website to lock in the sale, not just for getting leads.

So as you can see there is an opportunity for any business to do more online so what is the challenges of this? Well, you do need to launch a website that is well designed to make your business seem professional. You need to have a bookings tool, shopping cart and payment processor available on your site to transact your ecommerce business. Yes, you need to host the site, Yes you will need an SSL and all of this can seem overwhelming. Today there are many ways to create websites without knowing how to code and most make it really easy to get started and found. If you are looking to stir up business but not sure how to grow, moving your business online and creating an ecommerce offering is one of the strongest ways to grow your business.

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