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April Ecommerce Checklist to market

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As with March, your April ecommerce checklist will largely focus on maximizing marketing to grow. In some parts of the year, you can count on major events or holidays to drive your business. In some cases, you have annual events like back to school or seasons that help convert traffic to dollars. In April however, you really need to dig deep to make your growth happen.

Let’s start your April ecommerce checklist by looking at the various holidays you can try to convert your marketing around. While not really a great retail event, depending on what you sell, you can start the month with an April fools day theme. Perhaps you gave out a coupon code that is deeper than you meant as a theme. If you sell in categories that are lighter in nature you may have some products in your inventory that you can try to push as well. Thankfully for you, there are a lot of made up holidays in April to flush out your April ecommerce checklist. You have National Sibling Day which is on April 10th. This can really help a wide range of categories to try and push some sales. Additionally, following National Sibling Day is National Pet Day which is on April 11th. Between those two holidays you are able to focus on a wide range of marketing.

The largest holiday of the month is of course Easter which lands between April 15th and April 18th. Each year the Easter bunny leaves a variety of presents which is good for ecommerce as well as a wider range of religious products which are able to be sold. Easter typically touches on a wide range given the size of the holiday and while initially a more religious in nature, like Christmas, it has gone far beyond that allowing it be an overall great sales and marketing event.

To round out your April ecommerce checklist is another grouping of smaller and more niche holidays where you can focus your attention depending on what you sell. Earth Day is on April 22nd and World Book Day is on April 23rd both of which are great events to try and push specific products that fit the theme.

The April ecommerce checklist can give you ideas to generate marketing material. From here however you need to find the products in your inventory that align to the theme, create your email and social campaigns in support of these campaigns and make sure your website is ready to go for you to really convert the themes into sales.

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