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We realized that we never really stopped and introduced ourselves and why we created this ecommerce blog. After years of working with ecommerce we realized it can be a complicated space! There are so many business models that can and should be selling online but currently do not know where to start. The concept of a website has evolved over the years and so many small business owners are focused on operating their business they are not focused on growing it especially online.

We decided to launch our ecommerce blog to really share our learnings over the last few decades. We have sold online in both marketplaces and shopping carts. We have worked with product and service based companies. We want to be able to help every small business owner find success with ecommerce. Our ecommerce blog is focused on the lifecycle and evolution of selling online. Each seller has their own journey but typically it starts small and works into more and we would love to be part of that journey in some way.

We broke our ecommerce blog into categories we thought would be helpful from selling on marketplaces to selling on shopping carts. We also tried to add a number of how to get started online selling tips as well. We would love to hear from you on what we can share to make this ecommerce blog more useful to you and what challenges you face with your business so we can help you grow online.

We see the overall direction is to sell everywhere. This means as a small business you need the tools to take payments directly, sell online, sell services, social and email marketing and sales tracking and more. Online selling allows you to reach more people than any physical location could but to do it, you need the right tools and platforms to be successful. We want to help guide you on that journey with our ecommerce blog and the information and knowledge we have gained over the last few decades.

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