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January Ecommerce Tips and Tasks

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As sellers come out of the busy holiday season and enjoyed a small break after Christmas it is time to look at the January Ecommerce tips and tasks that need to be completed to keep your ecommerce business growing and ready for the new year.

The first thing you need to be ready for in your January ecommerce tips and tricks preparation is that while you may have sold a good deal in Q4, the reality is that some of the items you sold are coming back. In January most sellers see their highest returns and refunds as customers take inventory of the gifts they received in the holidays and now is the time to return what you don’t need or get a refund if the item was damaged or not working. As a result, sellers should be ready in January to really show off their customer service skills. Nothing will lead to a bad review and lower seller rating than when a seller does not handle return or refund requests the right way. So have your game plan ready on how you plan to respond, be active in checking for requests and quickly ship out replacements, process refunds and returns and make sure you do what you can to keep your customers happy.

The second January ecommerce tips and tricks really focuses on being creative in how you approach sales for the month. As you can imagine, shoppers have spent the last several months buying and getting the purchases they need for the holidays. As a result, typically January can be a slower month in new sales volume as their is a bit of a headache from spending over the last few months. To help off set the general slow down felt in January when compared to the last several months, sellers need to work all of their deep leads to generate sales. This marketing push should include reviewing and working an abandon cart you had over the last few months. Abandon carts happen when someone thought about buying something off of your shopping cart but dropped before the purchase in your check out flow. Now is the time to work your email marketing magic to try and bring a few of those across the finish line. The other thing to keep in mind is that some of your customers may have gotten gift cards as gifts for the holidays. Make sure you to remind your customers you are there and maybe throw in a good discount or coupon to try and encourage some sales with the use of the gift cards.

Lastly in your January ecommerce tips and tricks is a good time to take inventory of what you have left from the holidays in stock and the current pricing of those items. As there are some stragglers still buying for things they thought they were going to get but did not get or using the gift cards, be sure your listings are accurate, anything you have in inventory is listed and might not be a bad time to think about a small discount on pricing to help any product move that you thought should have been gone by now.

January ecommere tips and tricks is mostly about recovering from the holiday season and preparing for your increase in customer service requests, reviewing new sales avenues to keep revenue coming in and to ensure during the chaotic holiday season any of your product inventory and listings are still accurate since things can get thrown off as sales moved fast.

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