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How to get ecommerce sales in January

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Everyone knows that ecommerce sales in January can be tough to find as most shoppers spent their money before the Holidays and are ready to sit back and take a break from buying more. As a seller however you need to be creative in your approach to ensure you continue to grow your business and find sales even in the hardest of months.

So how can you generate ecommerce sales in January? There are a number of approaches you can take depending on your business model. The first place you should be starting is to look at your abandon cart data to see if you are able to bring a potential customer across the finish line with some email marketing. Additionally, if you allow for customers to build wish lists or favorite items, now is a good time to see what was not purchased and run a sale to those customers to try and get the purchase.

Outside of using your own leads to generate sales, one way to look at ecommerce sales in January is that your competition drops down a little as many will have spent their marketing dollars to ramp up over the past few months. As a result, you may have an opportunity to increase your marketing spend to become more visible for the customers who are still searching and shopping after the holidays. During this time, the cost for paid per click and advertising space in general goes down so you may be able to spend less to bring in more traffic and awareness by using the slow period to your advantage.

Depending on what type of product you sell, you can look at increasing ecommerce sales in January by focusing on the new year’s resolutions. Do you sell health or fitness related items? Do you sell books, hobbies or another collectible? Think about new year’s resolutions and if you have a product that someone could be in need of to move their new year’s resolution forward, you should make sure you are marketing your products in the way you need to get them sold. You can start your new year out right but helping others get their year off to the right start!

While the largest sales season is now behind you, this does not mean all sales need to stop. If you bring you focus on the right moves you can still see ecommerce sales in January and continue to grow your business but your approach may need to change to address the environment and appetite of your customers.

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