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January Marketing Tips for Ecommerce

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With a new year here, it is time to focus on January marketing tips for ecommerce so that you can continue to grow your business. As you come out of the holidays small ecommerce companies find that while customers actively searched and found them looking for the perfect holiday gift, things are a little different in January. January marketing tips for ecommerce focuses on what you can do to generate interest in your products in a month where many buyers are looking to take a break.

The first thing to look into is if you have products that support a new year resolution. Let’s remember that everyone loves a good new year’s resolution and view January as a time for change. As a result, if you have products that can help them on that journey be sure to get your email marketing, your blog and other marketing materials to highlight the products you have that aid in those journeys. The products can be wide in range from weight loss, fitness, eating better, cooking more, you name it and someone could have a new year’s resolution in support of it. The second thing to look into is to again push the new year theme with the new year, new you thoughts. As new year’s can be a time of change, now is the time to remind shoppers that they can start the new year out looking like a new person or live in a house that feels new and different. Help align your marketing materials and messaging to the new year; new you theme and shape your products to support that.

As part of the January marketing tips for ecommerce, we have to point out the obvious which is that it is winter! As a result, these types of products will be evergreen and you need to be ready to run a winter sale. Help keep your customers warm, participate in winter activities or use your products to enjoy the season. As part of the winter season is to know that trends change constantly, and this is only for fashion. As the holiday season ended, there could be popular gifts that now are being displayed and creating trends. Be ready to cash in on trends and show off your products that trendy and popular coming off of the holiday season.

The last January marketing tip for ecommerce is to use the future to help your slower month. Add coming soon items to your website to allow customers to buy in advance products or to sign up for your email or newsletter to be notified when they become available. This especially applies if the products you are selling are out of season for the winter. By setting up a get notified or buy in advance option, you can keep a steady flow of revenue in your offseasons.

Welcome to the new year and hope with our January marketing tips for ecommerce you are able to continue to get sales. There will always be shoppers looking for something and the biggest thing to remember is to be flexible and change your message to align to what they are looking for at the start of the year.

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