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Best places to sell clothes for ecommerce

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No matter if you are a professional ecommerce seller or just looking to clear out a closet and make some extra cash, the good news is that there are many places to sell clothes online. Some online marketplaces work better than others and a good amount of it will come down to the specific type of clothes you are looking to sell and if it is new or used. Ecommerce marketplace have what I will call generalists where you can sell really anything on them across all categories or more niche marketplaces. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to sell clothes online.

Best Places to sell clothes

Etsy – If you are selling custom clothing or niche clothing, Etsy is one of the best places to sell clothes. Why? Because Etsy focuses on the small business owner who creates more than manufacturers you can find very loyal customer base that wants something out of the ordinary. Now if you are looking to sell clothes online from a manufacturer and at a scale, etsy would not be the best fit. As one of the major players in ecommerce, etsy is a great place to start and get going if the products you are selling fall into their offerings.

eBay – eBay provides a great outlet for used clothing to get moved. If you are looking to clear out a closet or finally sell clothes you have hung onto, eBay probably has you covered. With a very large traffic and customer base who is looking for second hand deals to auction and bid on, eBay provides a great marketplace to move second hand or more niche clothing. Again if you are selling more manufactured clothing that is mass produced, you can sell it on eBay but this may not be the best place to focus on.

Poshmark – Over the last few years Poshmark has really become a popular destination to sell clothes online. With an easy to use platform and growing userbase, Poshmark is a great place to sell clothes online. One of the main benefits of Poshmark is the close integration with social media making it easier to list items and cross market it across social channels to make sales.

Facebook Marketplace – Social selling is only picking up now and creates another great place to pick up sales if you are selling clothes online. Given the amount of users on social platforms like Facebook and how easy it is to connect, Facebook allows you to easily market and sell products without too much of a learning curve given most are used to the social tool.

Amazon – Lastly it is hard to do a list of selling anything online if you do not include Amazon so needs to be here. Amazon has a massive amount of traffic and awareness. It has limits on what can be sold and requires identifications and brand proof to be able to sell. Additionally competition is tough and expectations on customer service, reviews and order management are more than most new sellers or side sellers should look for early on.

There are a number of great places to sell clothes online and really you do not need to choose one but can sell on many. Each ecommerce marketplace draws a specific customer base so do your research on where are you likely to find the most success and choose the best one or two to invest your time.

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