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Expand your ecommerce to sites like eBay

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So you found early success on eBay but are intimidated by Amazon, let us help you find more sites like eBay to expand your business this year. Depending on what type of product you sell, some marketplaces make more sense to you than others. For example, if you sell products that are not manufactured and have standard identifications like a UPC, Amazon may not be a good fit. So where can you expand to sites like eBay? We have a list of marketplaces waiting for you to go!

Top marketplace sites like eBay for you to expand this year

  • Etsy – One of the largest marketplace sites like eBay for you to consider is Etsy. This ecommerce marketplace focuses on hand crafted products and small business owners. Typically you would not find manufactured goods sold on Etsy. This creates a safer place if you are selling in that category. The competition is typically selling similar items but not the same since it is more of a craft shop, there is not as much head to head competition for the same product.
  • Bonanza – Bonanza has been around as a marketplace for a while and really follows closely to the same eBay selling world. The concepts and styles are the same to make it easy for an online seller to transition between eBay and Bonanza. While Bonanza is very easy to sell on and very much a marketplace sites like eBay, the challenge is that it does not have the same traffic or brand awareness as Etsy or eBay so while it is easy, sales are much slower and less frequent. Keep in mind, not all marketplaces will be massive opportunities and every sale counts to grow your business especially when it is easy to do it.
  • eBid – This is again a very easy to use and list your products on marketplace that follows like eBay. However like Bonanza it does not have the traffic or awareness to make it a replacement for you. If you are currently selling on eBay adding additional sites like eBay to sell on such as Bonanza and eBid are great in that they will add to your revenue and with the right software platform, it will not add too much work to your day to day operations.
  • eCrater – Again a great complimentary site to your primary location but not a replacement. Use eCrater to list your products, expand to pick up some additional sales but do not anticipate or expect it to replace your current revenue. Sites like eBay are fairly new in the overall scheme of things which means they do not have the branding or awareness to be equals. They provide you with sales here and there which add up especially if you spread across a number of them.

The main take away is that sites like eBay exist and you should be using them to grow your business. The key however is to manage your expectations. Do not expect to replace your income on these other sites but instead allow them to support and add into your revenue offered on the main site you focus on.

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